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Invitation programme 

Dear reader; 

We are very pleased to be able to present this program for the NordU99 Conference to you with the hope that  
the NordU99 Conference will be a great success and that you all will have a very nice and pleasant stay in  
Stockholm in February 1999. 
You will see in the program that we are having a great number of very nice and renowned speakers holding both the  
tutorials and also speaking in the conference. Hopefully this will give you time to head, discuss a lot of the  
latest research, new tools and techniques and well-thought-out approaches for system administrators and  
Unix professionals today.It is a lot of work to pull one of these programís together and we would take the opportunity  
to thank all people who has given us help, suggestions, names and other help during this.  
Without these people it would have been impossible to get through. 

It is nice to see that the EurOpen.SE, the Swedish Association of UNIX users and an  
Affiliated  Member of USENIX Association in USA., can start this new tradition of a really good and  
highly technical conference here in the Nordic area. We all know of USENIXís success with the  
technical conferences. A lot of people from the Nordic area has constantly been going over there to participate in these  
meetings. But there are a lot of people that donít have that opportunity, so for all of you here is the opportunity  
to get all the good speakers and information at home. 

NordU99 will take place February 9-12 1999 at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  
Two days of tutorials and two days of conference sessions with an exhibition will be held.  

Enclosed you will find the program with some of the most interesting topics such as 

  • Future directions of UNIX
  • Innovative system administration
  • Security
  • UNIX and the Net
  • Free UNIX
A reception will be given in the beautiful City Hall by invitation of the city Stockholm and the Stockholm Council on Thursday evening. 

Welcome to NordU99 and to the beautiful city Stockholm.