NEWS!! Extened Registration deadline

The early registration fee for the NordU2003 Conference is extended until January 24 for DKUUG members! After January 17 the late fee will show on theon line registration form, but it will be corrected before the payment is proceeded. Please note that this only affects DKUUG members!

We would like to welcome everyone to Västerås (100 km west of Stockholm) and to the NordU2003 – The fifth NordU/USENIX Conference. For 4 years now the NordU conference has been one of the leading (if not the only) Nordic conferences and forum for system administrators and Unix professionals to meet, learn, and exchange ideas on every aspect of computer and network management.
As UNIX and Free Software becomes more and more widely adopted in corporations and academia we see a need to stay on top of current trends. The technical sessions covers the latest developments, both in theory and in practice.
Both new and interesting papers will be presented by fellow computer professionals as well as students. Invited Talks will provide a broad selection of overviews on timely and entertaining topics. Jon “maddog” Hall will deliver one of the keynotes. Mr. Hall has a long history of being involved in our community. We will take a special look at how Open Source Software, such as GNU/ Linux, *BSD, Open Office and GNOME, is being used in government.
For developers we have some exciting invited presentations on Java Technology as well as GNU Compiler Collection family of tools. NordU/USENIX Conference is a major social event, where you will have the chance to meet some 400 like-minded individuals from all over the planet, chat with them in the hallways and parties, or regroup informally in small Birds-ofa- Feather (BoF) sessions on important and interesting topics.
By attending NordU you are contributing to computer management state-of-the-art, spreading knowledge about one of the more important revolutions for computer industry today: Unix and Free Software.