W4 am
Tom Limoncelli

Introduction to Massive Upgrades and Changes

Imagine a project that involves renumbering the IP address on thousands of hosts, none of which see more than one interruption. Imagine upgrading a large server that provides dozens of critical services with confidence that it will be done on time and with all services working. Imagine performing one or more changes on 1,000 individual hosts without fear that you’ve installed the same typo on each. Imagine a tutorial that teaches the disciplines involved in making those things happen. This tutorial will include a mix of theory along with case-studies of real events. Case studies will include success stories as well as disasters so that students can learn from both.
Topics include:
- What is Change Management
- Change management basics: change request, approval, execution, testing
- “explicit approval” vs “explicit objection”
- Case Study: Network (WAN) Change Manage ment
- Flight Director Technique for major maintenance windows
- The Secret to Successful Server Upgrades- Case Study: Upgrading a major application server
- Case Study: Upgrading a multi-purpose server
- Service Conversions
- Case Study: IP Renumbering and Reorganization
Tom Limoncelli ( See T2)
Who should attend:
Sysadmins from environments where upgrading a single large server, or hundreds of individual hosts, is common. While focused on UNIX and IP networks, all sysadmins will benefit from this tutorial. Examples include situations found both in small and large sites.