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Paul Massiglia

Making Databases *REALLY* Unbreakable

High Availability for databases is a top priority for enterprise information service managers. In response, the major UNIX database vendors all have high availability options – Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters, DB2 EEE, Sybase ASE. All offer options for replicating database data to remote locations for disaster recovery. This tutorial will briefly contrast the differences in vendors approaches, but will primarily focus on the infrastructure underpinnings that make the high availability options work, namely storage and application management technology that is integrated with the database features themselves. Basic clustering and volume management concepts, and shared data clusters will all be discussed. The tutorial will then focus on how clustering features integrate with database capabilities to provide integrated highly available databases and applications. Next, database and other options for replicating database data over long distances will be compared and contrasted. Finally, advanced database backup and restore techniques enabled by managed online storage will be covered. The tutorial will be aimed at an intermediate technical level. The goal is to equip system and administrators with knowledge that will help them make decisions about how to make their critical enterprise databases resilient – highly available and resilient to disasters. The tutorial will be of an architectural nature, but Oracle, DB2, Sybase, EMC, and VERITAS will be used as the primary examples.
Paul Massiglia has been in the storage industry for over 20 years. He has held engineering and marketing positions with major storage suppliers,including, Digital, Adaptec, and Quantum. He is currently employed with VERITAS Software Corporation, where he acts as the company’s representative to storage industry associations, including the SNIA. He also writes and presents technology white papers on subjects of importance to Veritas, and is a frequent participant in industry conferences. Paul Massiglia is former Vice-Chairman of the RAID Advisory Board and author of The RAIDbook, The Digital Large system Mass Storage Handbook, and Managing Online Volumes in Windows Operating Systems. He has also written the book Stoarage Networking Essentials (with Richard Barker as a co-writer).
Who should attend:
Networksadministrators, Databaseadministrators, IT- technichens and IT-Manager.