Aeleen Frisch

Administering Linux in Production Environments
This course will cover configuring and managing Linux computer systems in production environments. We will be focusing on the administrative issues that arise when Linux systems are deployed to address a variety of real-world tasks and problems arising in commercial and research-anddevelopment contexts.
Topics include:
Recent kernel developments
High-performance I/O
- Advanced filesystems and logical volumes
- Disk striping
- Optimizing I/O performance
Advanced compute-server environments
- Beowulf
- Clustering
- Parallelization environments/facilities
- CPU performance optimization
High-availability Linux: fault-tolerance options
Enterprise-wide authentication
Fixing the security problems you didn’t know
you had (or, what’s good enough for the
researcher/hobbyist won’t do for you)
Automating installations and other mass operations
Linux in the office environment
Aeleen Frisch
Who should attend:
Current Linux system administrators and
administrators from sites considering
converting to or adding Linux systems.