Aeleen Frisch

Beyond Shell Scripts:
21st Century Automation Tools and Techniques

Topics include:
Automating installations
- Vendor-supplied tools
- Alternative approaches
- State-of-the-art package control
- A heterogeneous environment
Mark Burgess’ cfengine package
- Installations and beyond
- “Self-healing” system configurations
- Other uses
- cfengine limitations and how to overcome
Don Libes’ Expect package for automating interactive procedures
- What to Expect ...
- Using Expect with other tools
- Security issues
Amanda, an enterprise backup management facility
- Prerequisites
- Configuration
- Getting the most from Amanda STEM, a new package for automating network operations
- Understanding the context and tool capabilities
- Example applications
- Performance and scaling
We’ll conclude the course with shell scripts covering some shell features you may not have heard of (and a bit of Perl, too).
Aeleen Frisch has been a system administrator over 20 years. She currently looks after a pathologically heterogeneous network of UNIX and Windows systems. She is the author of several books, including Essential System Administration now in its 3rd edition).
Who should attend:
System administrators who want to explore new ways of automating administrative tasks. Shell scripts are appropriate for many jobs, but more complex operations will often benefit from sophisticated tools.