M1 Building Honey Pots for Intrusion Detection
M2 CANCELED Website Wizardy with Perl – A Cookbook Approach
M3 Beyond Shell Scripts:21st Century Automation Tools and Techniques
M4 Developing for the Linux Kernel
T1 Administering Linux in Production
T2 Technical Tools for Creating Happy Users
T3 Securing the DNS – Principles and practices
T4 CANCELED The fifth NordU/USENIX Conference
W1 Solaris Internals: Architecture Tips and Tidbits
W2 How to use Open Source Security A REAL Hands-on Tutorial
W3 am 09.00–12.30 Making Databases *REALLY* Unbreakable
W3 pm 13.30–17.00 Regular Expression Mastery
W4 am 09.00–12.30 CANCELED Introduction to Massive Upgrades and Changes
W4 pm 13.30–17.00 CANCELED But is it UNIX? A Mac Os X Administrator’s Survival Guide