Peter Nordlund works as Business Developer Manager at Fujitsu Siemens. Peter has more then 30 years of experience from the IT world. He has primary been working with program development, starting with assembler programs on mainframes. He also been heavily involved in the development of the architecture called components.

PRIMEPOWER Fujitsu Siemens SPARC/Solaris machines are already today the fastest SPARC based machines that exist in the market. In this talk we will present the next generation of PRIMEPOWER machnes. Sparc64 GP version 5 is the new SPARC processor from Fujitsu Siemens, and it will bring a new level of performance to the UNIX market. It will also give the word availability a new meaning. The crossbar in PRIMEPOWER is already today the fastest on the market. In the new generation of PRIMEPOWER the speed will be doubled compared to today’s crossbar speed. The new crossbar has also a much higher availability. We will also talk about a new dimension regarding resource management (some thing that we call soft partitioning). Take the chance to be one of the first in Sweden to hear about this news.