Andrew Macpherson has been using Unix since 1976, starting with PWB, v7, right through BSD and SunOS to System V and Linux. He also has 21 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Andrew has been involved in the Unix community for a long time, and has been on the board of both the UKUUG and EurOpen. Before joining Irial he had been working for a telecommunications manufacturer since 1979 specializing in networks, dns, e-mail, Unix and other internet and telecommunication related issues. He brings this experience to running Irial Ltd an Internet Consultancy and Hosting business from Much Hadham, Britain. Andrew is an Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Unix User’s Group.

DCC the distributed Checksum clearinghouse, came about from a conversation with Vernon Schryver, and Paul Vixie. Vernon wrote the software, the results are encouraging, and the take up has been proceeding gently, but there are issues with using professional power tools – they can maim. As an ISP tries to prevent a lot of the SPAM-noise from reaching our customer’s mailboxes, and for the past year we have included DCC in that armory. This talk will discuss the effectiveness, interfaces, and the constraints on the tools we are deploying.