Apache Tomcat in production environments

Pier Fumagaali met Open Source back in 1997 when he started hacking around the Apache JServ Servlet container, and since that day, no one has been able to make him stop. After spending some time hacking about XML (the Apache Xerces Parser, Apache Cocoon, and theJava API for XML processing – JAXP), he came back to the Servlet arena focusing on the reliability and scalability of Servlet Containers. He now works as the website infrastructure project lead at VNU Business Publications.

Tomcat is the open source Servlet container used by the J2EE reference implementation. But does this make Tomcat a viable option for production websites? The audience will be introduced to the basic container setup, and how that can be optimized to suit the needs of high-profile deployment environments, in relation to its integration with the Apache HTTPD web server.