Diego Novillo was born in Córdoba, Argentina.
In 1993 he moved to Canada to obtain a PhD degree at
the University of Alberta, Edmonton.
He graduated with a PhD in Computing Science in 2000.
Member of the compiler group at Red Hat. One of the
main missions of this group is to improve GCC both in
developing new ports and implementing new analyses
and optimizations. During the past year, he has been
involved in the tree SSA project to provide a new
framework that will allow us to implement powerful
optimizations that were either not feasible or too
difficult to implement in GCC. Currently he lives in
Toronto, Canada.

A New SSA-based Optimization Framework for
the GNU Compiler Collection. In this talk, we
present a new tree-based intermediate representa-tion
(GIMPLE) and a new optimization framework
based on the Static Single Assignment (SSA) form.
We briefly describe GCC’s internal architecture
and how the new framework fits in. We will also
describe what this means in terms of new analysis
and optimization opportunities for GCC
(vectorization, inter-procedural optimizations,
faster compilation times, etc).
Readers interested in more details about this
work are kindly invited to the project home page
at http://gcc.gnu.org/projects/tree-ssa/.