Eija Onnela has two certificates: One in in navigation and
one in IT. She has been working on several vessels of the
merchant marine of Finland, from able seaman to first
officer . Currently she is project manager att the
IT Department of the City of Turku, with emphasis in
Open Source migration.

The pioneer, two years ago, among Finnish govern-mental
and municipal organizations, to consider
using the Open Office suite and the Linux operating
system in large scale deployment, was the City of
Turku. The IT Department conducted a survey
evaluating if they were suitable as the workstation
standard of the City of Turku. The result was
positive (http://www.turku.fi/tieto/liite44.rtf).
Further investigations were adviced in the
evaluation report. These included a survey of the
users’ rights, current software, hardware and
networks. The IT infrastructure in all departments
of the city of Turku will be considered in this
survey, not only those maintained by the IT
The survey will be performed during the autumn
of 2002. Suggestions for usage standards will be
created. In addition to Linux and Open-Office,
products like Microsoft Windows Active Directory
are taken into consideration. Pilot workstations are
used in several departments during the autumn of
2002. At the same time issues related to the train-ing
of the users and the support staff will be
In this presentation, the current status of Open
Source migration in City of Turku and the results
of the pilot use are discussed. In addition to the
technical points of view this presentation raises
issues in user perception and learning in the