Richard J. Moore CEng, MIEE, Consulting IT Specialist, TSM RAS Project Lead – Linux Technology Centre (ATSPIC). Richard joined IBM in 1984 as a System Programmer. Much of his entire career has centered around problem determination. He as worked on many operating systems, some long forgotten and also in S/390 horizontal microcode. He became a acknowledged expert on OS/2 problem determination gaining a worldwide reputation for his tools and techniques. In 2002 Richard was invited to lead IBM’s RAS development team (in India and the US) which was part of the IBM Linux Technology Centre.

It is one thing to be able to supplement the prime function of a wholly owned proprietary operating system with Reliability, Serviceability and Availability (RAS) features; it quite another to do this to a non-owned open-source system such as Linux. This operating system is being targeted for use more and more for the Enterprise and Carrier Space; both of these environments require advanced RAS features to meet their stringent demands for robustness. The listener will discover that to achieve this in Linux multi-faceted challenges of a technical and non technical nature have to be addressed. This talk will elucidate these challenges and what the Linux Community is doing to meet them. It will also explain why the paradigms of our past proprietary operating system experience cannot be duplicated in a Linux environment. The listener will discover that Linux pushes the boundaries of our thinking, design and development practices way beyond those employed in the proprietary world where typically an operating system targeted at the Enterprise needs only address a subset of the issues that concern