Ralf Nolden is German, 29, and has been an experienced KDE programmer and one of the designers of KDevelop since 1998. Since he studies electrical engeneering at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen), his main focus is on how to practically achieve the best result for a given task through engeneering and software design. He is now working for credativ in Juelich, Germany, where he is in charge of customer relationship management and covers Linux/KDE requests that the company handles as a Linux knowledge service provider and quality assurance assisting group.

This session wants to introduce into application programming under KDE with the KDevelop IDE and the Qt Designer. The course covers how generate a new KDE application, run, test and understand the code that is pregenerated by KDevelop. Then you will get an introduction of how to add Qt Designer interface files to your program and how to design graphical user interfaces that are consistent with the KDE user
interface guidelines. Finally, you will learn how to use class inheritance in C++ to integrate the graphical user interface with your own code and
how to take advantage of Qt's advanced signal/ slot mechanism to handle events between objects. The result will be a typical KDE application that can serve as an example for the participants to follow and implement their own ideas in new KDE programs for KDE 3.