Per Fredriksson, IBM Svenska AB has been working with AIX since 1997 when he joined IBM AIX support. This lasted until May 2000 when he was corrupted by the Power of the Dark Side and joined sales as technical presales support. Today he designs systems and infrastructures sure that the sales force don’t make promises he can’t keep. In his spare time, he plays the trumpet in a jazz band whenever his wife and two daughters let him.

The purpose of this presentation is to present the new and enhanced features in AIX 5.2, primarily focusing on the Dynamic Logical Partitioning (DLPAR) features of AIX 5.2. Static partitioning was included in AIX 5.1 along with the p690 server and now with AIX 5.2 the implementation of Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) resources this has evolved to DLPAR. DR provides the capability to dynamically move hardware resources to a needy OS instance in a timely fashion to match the workload demands. Hence DR capabilities serve as key building blocks for workload managers to provide self-optimizing and self-configuring features. Besides dynamic resource balancing, DR also enables capacity upgrade on demand, as well as self-healing features such as cpu hot sparing. The DR components are an essential building block in IBM’s continuing work towards autonomic computing (e.g. project eLiza – self healing, self optimizing servers, GRID computing, eWLM etc). Topics include:
– What is LPAR? What is DLPAR? Why Partition?
– DLPAR overview and functions Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) components and how they are implemented in AIX: DR of Processors DR of Memory, including DMA management DR of IO slots Challenges of adding Autonomous features to a mature Unix OS. Possible Future Enhancements
– LVM and JFS2 Enhancements
– Tuning configuration consolidation
– Networking enhancements
– System management enhancements