Daniel Bergström, Legato Systems – Nordic, is Sales Engineer in the Nordic Countries. Daniel Bergström has earlier worked as an enterprise product specialist at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. He has been working with design and installation of company critical systems for five years.

Increasing data volumes, rising application access requirements, and limited IT budgets. Never before have enterprises been challenged to the extent they are today to fully protect data, reduce downtime, and lower TCO. Yet as this challenge intensifies, a shift has taken place in the storage arena that can deliver faster methods for performing backup and recovery, and increase storage ROI – backup to disk. This past year has brought a significant decrease in the cost of disk storage as expensive SCSI drives are giving way to ATA drives. ATA drives are not only cheaper – their price per megabyte is competitive with tape. With this drop in disk cost, customers are considering backup to disk as an attractive enhancement to tape-based data protection and as a means to better utilize tape storage investments. In fact leading disk storage vendors are aggressively promoting disk as an alternative or complement to tape. This presentation shows examples of how several customers benefits from their implementation of the new NetWorker DiskBackup Option.