NordU2002 - The 4th NordU/USENIX Conference
February 18-22, 2002 in Helsinki, Finland



Sendmail and Security

Instructor: Eric Allman

This fast-paced half day tutorial is intended for UNIX administrators who are already familiar with configuring and administering sendmail and who want to learn how to convert to sendmail 8.11 or 8.12, or who want to understand sendmail security better, particularly on firewalls and other similar systems.

Sendmail is a powerful Mail Transport Agent that can be configured for many different environments, from firewalls through workstation mail servers. These environments have different security requirements. Sendmail can also be used to secure the e-mail infrastructure at your site using SMTP authentication and TLS authentication and encryption.

Topics include:




Eric Allman, Sendmail, Inc. is the original author of sendmail. He was the chief programmer on the INGRES database management project and an early contributer to the UNIX effort at Berkeley, authoring syslog, tset, the -me troff macros, and trek. He designed database user and application interfaces at Britton Lee (later Sharebase), and contributed to the Ring Array Processor project for neural-network-based speech recognition at the International Computer Science Institute. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the USENIX Association.