NordU2002 - The 4th NordU/USENIX Conference
February 18-22, 2002 in Helsinki, Finland



The Veritas SANPOINT Cluster with the Global Filesystem

The Instructor: Paul Massiglia

Who should attend:

- OK. So now you have a Storage Area Network. What do you do with it? When you were deciding to implement storage networking technology in your data center, you expected to realize benefits like lower capital cost through consolidation and sharing of devices, better availability and manageability through common accessibility, and advanced application capabilities through sharing of actual data objects. Now that you have your SAN, it's time to make these things happen.

This seminar will begin with a discussion of the technical issues that arise when all of your storage is connected to all of your servers, and the software techniques used to resolve them. Data sharing and clustering will be discussed at length. Building on that foundation, the seminar will discuss some of the advanced techniques that are being used to virtualize storage in cluster environments, relating back to the Storage Networking Industry Association's Shared Storage Model, released in 2001. The seminar will close with a discussion of a new class of Storage Appliances enabled by a combination of SAN technology and the various software techniques discussed earlier in the seminar.



Paul Massiglia, Veritas Software Corporation, has been in the storage industry for over 20 years. He has held engineering and marketing positions with major storage suppliers, includ-ing, Digital, Adaptec, and Quantum. He is currently employed with VERITAS Software Corporation, where he acts as the company's representative to storage industry associations, including the SNIA. He also writes and presents technology white papers on subjects of importance to VERITAS, and is a frequent participant in industry conferences.

Mr. Massiglia is former Vice-Chairman of the RAID Advisory Board and author of The RAIDbook, The Digital Large System Mass Storage Handdbook, and Managing Online Volumens in Windows Operating Systems. He has also written two new books Storage Networking Essentials (with Richard Barker as a co writer) and Managing Online Storage for Windows Storage.