NordU2002 - The 4th NordU/USENIX Conference
February 18-22, 2002 in Helsinki, Finland



High Availability Network Design

The instructor: Vincent C Jones

Who should attend:

System and network designers and administrators who want to improve the availabiity of their network infrastructure and Internet access; anyone looking for a survey of how IP networks can fail and techniques for keeping critical network services available despite failures. Familiarity is assumed with basic network terminology and concepts, TCP/IP protocols, and the role of routers and switches. This class is designed complement (and not compete with) the M6 High Availability class.


No matter how the price is measured, downtime impacts the bottom line. As businesses and other organizations become ever more dependent upon computers and their support networks for their ongoing operations, it becomes even more critical that hardware and software failures not be permitted to interfere with those operations. As a result, availability is now a key network performance metric commensurate with throughput and delay.

This practical guide to maximizing network availability discusses how to select and configure appropriate redundancy for common production network needs. The emphasis is on how to take advantage of standard capabilities to make the network more reliable and minimize the need for emergency manual intervention. Proven solutions based on open standards and protocols are provided for a wide range of application requirements including:



Vincent C. Jones, is the founder and principal consultant of Networking Unlimited, Inc., a network design consulting firm specializing in network performance and reliability enhancement. Vince has been applying the theory of networking to the solution of real world problems for almost three decades and is the author of the Addison-Wesley book High Availability Networking with Cisco.