Sizing the Dinosaur: Workload Migration and
Hardware Estimation for Linux in Virtual Machines

Speaker: David Boyes

This session is intended to outline the techniques and work-load
assessment techniques used to evaluate an existing work-load
and provide a preliminary estimate of resources required
in a virtual machine environment such as the one provided
by running Linux on IBM mainframe systems or in large scale
discrete systems providing virtual machines such as VMWare-GSX.
The session will include a discussion of workload evalua-tion
techniques, some of the unique features of the IBM and
VMW are virtual machine systems and of virtual machines
in general that are generally counterintuitive in terms of Unix
performance and capacity analysis, and to explore several
test cases from production system environments that illustrate
how to estimate system resource requirements for system
migration to a virtual machine environment. Some familiarity
with workload sizing and capacity planning techniques will
be helpful for this session, but is not required.