Mac OS X: Darwin with BSD Features

Serge Robe

Mac OS X is a super-modern operating system that delivers
the power of UNIX with the simplicity and elegance of the
The Macintosh with Mac OS X is built on industry-wide
standards so it can interoperate with all leading networks,
data file formats, applications, and peripherals. And since
Mac OS X’s core is open source UNIX, the Macintosh will
continue to be interoperable and will also offer time-tested
stability and security.
Mac OS X moves Macintosh from Proprietary to Standards-Based
Architecture and opens new opportunities for deve-lopment
since the Mac OS X Developer Tools CD ships with
every retail copy of Mac OS X.
The objective of this presentation is to review the Unix part of
Mac OS X, the Darwin Core OS with details of the BSD
components. Apple is investing in great tools to create the next
generation of Mac OS X applications and to help Unix developers
to port their applications or utilities onto Mac OS X.
Project Builder is Apple’s integrated development environ-ment
(IDE) for Mac OS X. It is designed to fully support all
of the major platform initiatives of Mac OS X, such as the
Carbon and Cocoa frameworks, Java, and the new applica-tion
packaging mechanisms. Project Builder provides project
editing, search, and navigation, file editing, project building,
and debugging facilities for all types of Mac OS X software
projects, including applications, tools, frameworks, libraries,
plug-in bundles, and kernel extensions and device drivers.
It supports the use of C, C++, Objective-C, and Java.
Interface Builder is Apple’s graphical editor for designing user
interface components for both Carbon and Cocoa applica-tions.
Interface Builder makes creating an application’s user
interface easier by allowing developers to use its graphical
editing environment to manage virtually every aspect of
creating a well designed user interface that adheres to the
Aqua user interface guidelines.
During the conference, we demonstrate the port of a Unix app-lication,
step by step, with Project Builder, Interface Builder,
Terminal mode with Unix Command Lines, tutorials with docu-mentation
provided with the Mac OS X Developer Tools CD.