Ken Coar is a director and Vice President
of the Apache Software Founda-tion,
and a Senior Software Engineer
with IBM. He has over two decades of
experience with network software and
applications, system administration,
system programming, process analysis,
and computer security. Ken has worked
with the WorldWide Web since 1992, is a member of The
Apache Group, the Association for Computing Machinery,
an at-large member of ICANN, and is heading the project to
develop Internet RFCs for CGI. He is the author of ‘Apache
Server for Dummies,’ co-author of ‘Apache Server Unleashed,’
and is currently working on two new books, ‘Apache
Cookbook’ (O’Reilly) and ‘Apache Module Development in
C’ (Addison-Wesley-Longman). [For inclusion when appro-priate]
IBM is the leader in creating, developing and manu-facturing
the world’s most advanced information technolo-gies,
including computer systems, software, networking
systems, storage devices and microelectronics. IBM translates
these advanced technologies into value for its customers
through its professional solutions and services businesses