Data Around the World

Paul Massiglia, Veritas Software Inc

The SAN has made it possible to manage storage and the
data stored on it on a data center-wide basis, independently
of servers. But for distributed enterprises, that isn’t enough.
Even within the data center, multiple servers often need access
to the same data. Remote offices need access to up-to-date
operational data for performance, availability, and disaster
recovery purposes. Not only does data need to be available
around the world, but also applications’ access to it must
be coordinated, so that the right data center can process any
given set of data at any time. This talk will survey VERITAS
capabilities for meeting these needs. Starting from data sharing
within the data center, the talk will proceed to the special
needs of long-distance data replication and sharing, and for
extending application and data clustering techniques for use
around the world.
Paul Massiglia, Veritas Software Inc.