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DawnIt is dawn for humanity. Slowly the new free operating systems are rising and lighting up the earth from the long dark night....

Enough of this. This is one of the first conference in the year 2001 and by the end of the year I am sure that all of us will be tired of the pun on Arthur C. Clarke's book and movie "2001: The Space Odyssey" theme long before the end of that year. Its hard to avoid the fun and play with words like this, and you will see that we are sort of using this as a theme during the conference.

Welcome to the third Nordu conference in Stockholm, february 12-16, 2001!

Jan Säll, Chairman, Europen.se and Conference Chair

A conference organised by

  • EurOpen.SE The Swedish Association of Unix Users (an affiliate of USENIX the Advanced Computing Systems Association)
  • DKUUG The Danish Unix Users group
  • SSLUG Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group
  • NUUG Norwegian Unix Users Group
  • FUUG Finnish Unix Users Group


Extended abstract due September 8, 2000
Notification of acceptance October 10, 2000
Final papers due December 8, 2000
Deadline for reduced registration fee January 14, 2001
Deadline for hotel reservation January 14, 2001



Please note that the programme outlined in this announcement is preliminary and are subject to change.


The official language of the Conference is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided. Some lectures may be held in Swedish.