Conference Program Thursday February 15

Track 3

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Theme: Operating Systems

Th16 - 10.20-11.05 EJB Enterprise Java Beans

Speaker: Simon Kenyon, Irial Ltd (see Tu4)

Having just spent the last 9 months designing and implementing a large Internet Retail Bank using EJB technology, this presentation will be based on the practical application of EJB; when to use it and more importantly, when not to use it.

Th17 - 11.05-11.50 SAN or NAS, a Holy War not Worth Fighting

Speaker: Björn Fridborn, Technical Account Manager, EMC

Depending on what application you are using it might be a good fit for eit-her SAN (Storage Area Networks) or NAS (Network Attached Storage). This paper briefly describes pro’s and con’s with the different solutions. By combining SAN and NAS in the same Storage infrastructure (Enterprise Storage Network) users will be able to reduce management cost and incre-ase efficiency and productivity. With the new MPFS (Multi parallel File System) users are also able to share data between NAS and SAN.

Theme: Sponsors Presentations

Th18 - 13.00-13.35 DocBook for free Software Projects

Speaker: Nik Clayton, FreeBSD Documentation Project Manager, Marketing Manager BSDi EMEA

Many free software projects have an associated documentation project, to try and ensure that users can find accurate and timely information. Various projects; plain text, GNU Info, HTML, POD, TeX and LaTeX have tried a variety of formats. This talk discusses the requirements of these projects, and introduces the DocBook markup language, the advantages it has over other formats, the toolchain used to produce different output formats for the end user, related applications, and caveats for implementers. DocBook has been adopted by the FreeBSD, Linux, KDE, GNOME, documentation pro-jects, as well as being the internal format for companies like O’Reilly and Sun.

Th19 - 13.35-14.10 Hitachi Data Networks: Information Infrastructure for the E-nterprise

Speaker: Vincent Franceschini, Director of Data Networking Architecture, Hitachi Data Systems

The new E-nterprise IT managers are facing today one of the most challenging situation: the deployment of enterprise-wide information infrastructures. The challenges to meet are to be able to scale rapidly without disrupting major business applications and capable to cope with the huge data volume growth noticeably expected in Internet business application environments. Building such infrastructures would require the help of specialized Storage Networking solution suppliers that have been able to develop complex architectures like Storage Area Networks. These information networks also require easy management tools without compromising the data protection and business application high-availability aspects. This presentation will give you an overview of Hitachi Data Systems directions for Data Networking solutions in business application environments.

Th20 - 14.10-14.45 Linux Standard Base and Open Source Quality Control Based on LSB’s Test Suits

Speaker: Magnus Runesson, Cendio Systems

Magnus Runesson holds a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden. He works for Cendio Systems as an Embedded Linux consultant, specializing in processes and methods for software engineering.

Linux has been criticized for the risk that different distributions will become incompatible with each other. This criticism has lead to the creation of the Linux Standard Base (LSB). The goal of the LSB is to develop and promote a set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distribu-tions and enable applications to run on any compliant Linux system. Most Linux distributions today aim at supporting the LSB. The LSB also includes test suits that can be used for quality control of a complete distribution.

The seminar will give an overview of what is included in the LSB and how to certify that a Linux distribution complies with the LSB. Further, the possibilities to use the LSB test suits to enable quality control of open source software will be discussed.


Th21 - 15.15-15.50 Compaq AlphaServer and Tru64 UNIX-Platform for the next Generation of Switches at Ericsson

Speaker: Jon Reveman, Technical Expert, Compaq Computer

Compaq’s investments in Alpha and Tru64 UNIX have recently resulted in visible successes. AlphaServers with Tru64 UNIX are used as supercomputer in atomic energy research as well as in exploration of the human genome. Ericsson has also selected the platform for future generations of AXE-switches.

Jon Reveman who is system architect will in this session describe how advanced real time systems are developed upon a standard UNIX/Risc platform.

There will also be a review of latest developments of Alpha and Tru64 UNIX.

Take the opportunity to learn more about Tru64 UNIX in our UNIXGAMES. Compete and win on

Th22 - 15.50-16.25 SGI Modular Computing - IRIX and Linux for High Performance Computing

Speaker: Kristian Wedberg, SGI

Kristian Wedberg has been at SGI for 5+ years as a technical expert on servers and supercomputers.

Technical description of:

  • CGI Origin 3000 and NUMAflex, a revolutionary new server architecture
  • MIPS R14000 and Intel Itanium for the SGI Origin 3000
  • IRIX and Linux for High Performance Computing
  • Cluster vs. Single System Image tradeoffs


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