Conference Program Friday February 16

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Theme: Security

F1 - 08.30-09.15 Network Security Profiles: A Small Collection (Hodgepodge) of what Stuff Hackers know about you

Speaker: Brad C. Johnsson, Vice President of Consulting – SystemExperts Corporation

This session will be useful for anyone with any type of TCP/IP-based system.

Whether network-based host intrusions come from Internet, an Extranet, or an Intranet, they typically follow a common methodology: reconnaissance, vulnerability research and exploitation. This session will review a few of the tools and techniques hackers (determined intruders) use to perform these activities.

The session will focus primarily on tools that exploit many of the common TCP/IP based protocols (such as TCP, WWW, SSL, DNS and SNMP) which underlie virtually all of the Internet applications. This course will concentrate on examples drawn from public domain tools because these tools are wide-ly available and commonly used (and are available for you to use for free!).

F2 - 09.15-10.00 Kerberos: Principles and Use

Speaker: Assar Westerlund, SICS

Assar Westerlund is one of the main people behind Heimdal, the international Kerberos implementation.

This talk will include how the Kerberos system works, how it is used today in Solaris, Windows 2000, and other systems, how it compares and interacts with other security systems, and some on the future of Kerberos.

F3 - 10.20-11.05 Virus – Only one Part of the Problem

Speaker: Staffan Olsén, Trend Micro

Staffan Olsén is working as Sales Engineer in the Nordic Region at Trend Micro. Main responsibilities is supporting resellers and distributors with presale and design.

The content problem:

  • What is a Trojan, Virus, Worm, Hacking tool, Hoax, Malware etc?
  • More overall knowledge, more viruses
  • are there any known viruses for UNIX?
  • What is in the wild and what is in the zoo?
  • New equipment with Internet connection, Mobile phones, PDAs etc
  • Threats in the future

What areas do we need to protect and why?

  • Multiple layer protection from desktop to gateway
  • Protect new devices by trap applets
  • What is the reason for multiple layers?

F4 - 11.05-11.50 Spam and the Spam Prevention

Panel discussion

Chairman: Eric Allman, Sendmail Inc


13.00-15.00 Keynote in Plenum and Closing Ceremony

See Keynote page


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