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K01 - Thursday 08.30-10.00 What About the System Administrators?

Speaker: Dr Rob Kolstad

Rob Kolstad has just completed a two year stint with the SANS Institute, an edu-cational foundation specializing in system administration, networking and security.

Rob was with Berkeley Software Design, Inc. from 1992 to 1998, serving as its president for several years. BSDI engineers and markets a complete UNIX-compatible operating system for IBM PCs and clones. He teaches system ad-ministration in a wide variety of venues in addition to editing the USENIX Association’s newsletter, ;login:.

Rob served six years on the USENIX board of directors and was instru-mental in establishing the popular USENIX Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conferences. He has chaired several conferences and continues to contribute to workshops and other gatherings.

Just what is it those system administrators do? Backups? Password management? Help desks? Are they professionals? Or just rabid technicians hungry for power?

This talk will discuss the realm of system administrators, the distribution of tasks that administrators perform and the technical development and knowledge-base milieu of sysadmins.

K02 - Friday 13.00-15.00 How can Communication and Information Technology Contribute to my Life?

Speaker: Finn E. Olsen, Ericsson Denmark

Head of Business Development at Ericsson in Denmark and has since 1973 worked with information and communication technology – design of the X.21 datanetwork and Account Manager for Mobile Operators and inter-national operators. After a period of four years as head of Product Management for Ericsson in Denmark, Finn was appointed head of Business Development responsible for identifying new business based on an understanding of the market, end-users, enterprises and society.

  • What is the end users opinion of today’s technology?

  • Is there a difference between a man and a woman?

  • Are Early Adopters and Pragmatics/Conservatives different people?

  • How do we communicate?

  • How to offer true value to the human being?

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