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Thursday, February 10 - Session 3

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Th30 - 10.10-10.55 SSLUG - How, what and where?

Speaker: Kalle Andersson, SSLUG

How does a Linux user group with more than 4000 members function? What makes SSLUG different from other LUGs, what makes us special? Ideas about running and managing LUGs.

Th31 - 10.55-11.35 UnixWare Non Stop Clusters, Singel System Image today

Speaker: Nils-Petter Gustavsson, SCO

Th32 - 11.35-12.15 ADiCT - The Anarchists Distributed event Calendar.

Speaker: Hans Schou - DOA, Dictator Of ADiCT.

ADiCT is a work in progress, but it lays the foundation for a distributed eventcalander that can be used to organize events held by different organizations in an area, or country, so that it is easy to find interesting events one wishes to attend.

Th33 - 13.30-14.10 SAN ENABLED STORAGE - VERITAS delivers the Software Foundation for SANs, Storage Area Networks

Speaker: Billy Naples, Sr Product Manager, VERITAS Software, UK

eBusiness is changing the face of the data center, and SANs play a key role in keeping all that information safe and available in today's rapidly changing, "24 x forever" business environment.

VERITAS storage management software enables your data center to support the demands of eBusiness with a wide range of critical SAN applications. From non-disruptive on-line storage management to LAN Free backup or clustering--all are available today from VERITAS to virtualize networked storage resources through centralized management and automation across multiple platforms.

Th34 - 14.10-14.50 The Effnet filtering technology

Speaker: Dag Henning, key account manager and Erik Lundgren, Chief technical officer

Effnet develop and market networking products and technology that provide optimal efficiency, security and flexibility.

By using highly efficient algorithms and data structures, Effnet technology breaks conventional performance barriers for table-lookups and filtering operations.

Th35 - 15.10-15.50 A tale of two ports - Linux on System/390

Speaker: Neale Ferguson has worked with VM for 19 years. He was one of the developers of the i370-ibm-linux port contributing to the I/O and memory management components of the project. Since the announcement and publication of the s390-ibm-linux patches he has spent his spare time exercising the code, porting major applications and utilties and developing educational material so that others can get up and running. Neale currently works for Sterling Software in Reston Virginia.